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We’re Up and Running!

We are EXTREMELY excited to have our new website up and running.  We hope you’ll find it informational, interesting, and easy to navigate.  I have to thank my wife, Briana, for spearheading the effort to get us a better presence on the web.  I’d also like to thank MorningStar Media Group, another local business, for doing our marketing and web design.  I’ve looked at a lot of other independent community pharmacy websites, and I really am proud of what we’ve created.

Lehan’s has been in DeKalb since 1946, and we’ve lasted that long because of the relationship we have with our community.  I’m now part of a fourth generation of Lehan’s, committed to continuing our family’s long tradition of caring for our patients, who are also our friends, family, and neighbors.

Over the years, Lehan’s has adapted, changed, moved (many times), and had our ups and downs.  This year we’ve added on a new location in the DeKalb Clinic, rolled out a new logo, a new website, and a new slogan.

Sometimes slogans are just slogans…something to catch your ear or your eye.  When we decided on “We’re more than medicine,” it was more than just a catchy expression.  It is a phrase our entire team really believes in.  For us, it has never just been about how many prescriptions we can pump out, or how much ibuprofen we can sell.  Lehan’s offers unique services and customer care that goes above and beyond what your average pharmacy does.  We truly are more than the medicine: we’re a unique healthcare experience.

We plan on using this blog as an informational resource. It is an easy way to pass along information to our patients on a variety of topics.  I also envision it as a place for us to throw in our “two cents,” when we feel like we need to.  I hope you’ll check back from time to time, and all of us here look forward to continuing to be able to provide the DeKalb and Sycamore area with the care you’ve all come to expect from us.

Jon Lehan, Pharm.D