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When we decided to update our website, we had a decision to make:  do we sell our products on the internet?  All the big chains do, and why not?  It seems like an easy way to market your products to people all over the  country.  Easy money right?  But, like our slogan says, we’re more than medicine, and there’s more to what we provide than just the products.

Lehan’s has always been “different” because of the level of service we provide to our customers and patients. Part of the Lehan’s experience is that personal service. It might be the attention our pharmacists give to a patient picking up prescriptions or picking out a cough or cold medicine. It might be the time our home medical department spends helping a patient get the right fit for a brace or compression product. It might be our respiratory therapist making sure you fully understand how to operate your oxygen or respiratory equipment.  Or it might just be the fact that someone here remembers your name. 

The internet provides a lot of benefits to our society, but it certainly lacks in human interaction, the face-to-face encounter, and the reassurance that someone in your community cares about your well-being.  So, in the end, we decided not to sell our products on the website.  We hope you’ll come in to see us, and I don’t think it will take you long to understand why.

Jon Lehan, Pharm.D

Lehan Wins National Award

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Timothy Lehan Holding the 2009 Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award

Timothy Lehan Holding the 2009 Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award

Timothy Lehan of Lehan Drugs Inc. in DeKalb was the recipient of the 2009 Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award, a national award that honors a practicing pharmacist who has developed an innovative patient care program.
One award is presented per state by the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations. The award was presented recently at the Illinois Pharmacists Annual Conference in Peoria. Lehan is a 1976 graduate of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy and was recently elected to the Illinois Pharmacists Association Board of Directors.

As this year’s award recipient, Lehan has developed and implemented an innovative patient care program in his pharmacy. Besides providing a very extensive durable medical supply service, he has a progressive immunization program. Immunization services in pharmacy are emerging and the public is becoming more aware of the value and extraordinary contributions pharmacists provide to improving the vaccination rates of their communities. As the No. 1 immunizer in DeKalb County, Lehan is a pioneer in this area of his profession, according to a news release.

In partnership with his wife, Ann, also a pharmacist, Lehan established an immunization program in his pharmacy in 2000 and administered less than 100 immunizations that year. This year, the program has expanded to five immunizing pharmacists and he hopes to immunize around 3,000 patients.

Lehan also assists other Illinois pharmacists with their immunization management and billing questions. Lehan’s mission is “to deliver the highest quality pharmaceutical care possible on a very personal and individualized basis,” according to the release. As this year’s Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award recipient, Lehan has demonstrated both the entrepreneurial and patient focused aspects that should be exemplified in the innovative pharmacy practice award.