Customer Appreciation Day – Thank You!

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We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who came to our Customer Appreciation Event on July 19th and made it such a great event.  It was fantastic to see so many of our customers, friends, local businesses, and even former employees!  We would also like to thank the businesses who participated in the event including Inboden’s, Creative Therapeutics, Water Works, Sunshine Scoope Shop and Bakery, and WLBK for broadcasting the event!

Make sure to remember to spend your $2 bills at a locally owned business and support our local community!

Enjoy some of the pictures from Thursday!

Keeping Local Businesses Alive – $2 at a Time!

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That’s right, we are going to give away 500 $2 bills to the first 500 people who come into our DeKalb location ($1,000!) during our Customer Appreciation Day on July 19th, but only if the recipient will promise to spend it at another locally owned business in the community.

Business owner and pharmacist, Tim Lehan originally wanted to try and educate our employees as well as our customers and patients about supporting locally owned businesses in DeKalb County. Last December, he ordered 2,500 $2.00 bills from his local bank, National Bank and Trust Co. He then gave each of our fifty employees $100 of the bills with specific instructions on how they had to be spent. First, the $2 bills had to be spent as cash, not deposited in an account. Second, they had to be spent at a locally owned business in DeKalb County. Finally, all of the money had to be spent within 30 days, and if anyone asked about the 2 dollar bills, they had to explain the program.

“I wanted to help my employees, help locally owned businesses and hopefully encourage other business owners and leaders in our community to support each other,” Lehan said. “We have incredible people working for us and incredible patients supporting our pharmacies in DeKalb County. It is important to differentiate between a local business and a locally owned business. A corporate owned store like Wal-Mart and Walgreens send all of their profits to their headquarters outside of our community each night. A locally owned business keeps that money in the local economy. “We live here, our kids went to school here and every dollar stays here in DeKalb County. The national companies can’t say that. If we are going to have strong cities and towns we need strong locally owned businesses.”

 That is where the $2.00 bills come in. “We only receive 1 or 2 $2.00 bills a month in our pharmacies,” said Lehan. “By using these uncommon bills, we can see if our program is working. We hope other local businesses who receive them will in turn give them as change, and maybe request some of their own from their bank. We ask that the citizens of our community spend them at another locally owned business.”

Come in to our DeKalb location from 9am-7pm on July 19th to receive your $2 bill and help keep the local business community strong! Vist our website at for all we have to offer!

What’s in your sunscreen?

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The next time you put on sunscreen, take a look at the label.  Seriously, look at the list of active ingredients.  Chances are you won’t even be able to pronounce most of the chemicals that are on there!   The Environmental Working Group, a consumer watchdog, and many other toxicology experts believe that many of these chemicals (such as common ingredient oxybenzone) may be linked to hormone disruption and potentially to cell damage that could increase your risk of skin cancer.

Because of these potential issues, we have started to carry an all-natural, chemical free sunscreen option for you and your family.  Badger Balm Sunscreen has received the highest rating from the Envirnmental Working Group and we are proud to carry their line of products!

For the entire month of July we have a buy 2 get 1 free deal on all Badger products so come in and try them today!

Download the PDF for more information on this product!