Bath Safety Month!

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Did you know that January is recognized as National Bath Safety Month? The bathroom is the most visited room in most homes, yet it can be a dangerous place. Bath safety is an integral part of general home safety as almost one-third of falls occurring at home occur in the bath.


Come in and check out our selection of bath safety products you to keep you and your loved ones safe!


Bath safety products

There are quite a few bath safety products that are essential in a bath, listed below are a few necessary products that ensure safety in the bath.

Grab Bars: Safe hand-holds fixed on bathroom walls and sides of walk-in tubs will ensure safety while you move about the bath. Grab bars are also known as safety bars

Shower Stools: Safe seat in the shower prevents slipping

Security Rails: Handy hand-hold that is fastened on the bathtub sides

Bathtub Transfer Seats: Makes it safe to enter and leave the tub

Transfer bench: Ensures safety while getting in and out of the bathtub.


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