Men’s Health Update

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Lehan’s Drugs is excited to announce a FREE patient education seminar on Thursday, September 18th, 2014 focused specifically on men’s health issues.  We are dedicated to providing you with information to improve your quality of life.  Please join us for this exciting event!  We have a special guest that has dedicated his medical practice to treating Men’s Health issues:

Dr. Joseph Banno, M.D. is the nation’s leading Men’s Health urologist from Peoria, Illinois.  He is a senior partner in a multi-specialty urology practice called Midwest Urology Group.  Over the past 35 year, Dr. Banno has developed a Men’s Health specialty clinic and continues to educate patients on ways to improve their quality of life.  He treats all aspects of erectile dysfunction and offers satisfactory solutions including a minimally invasive procedure with a guaranteed erection every time!

We are excited to welcome Dr. Banno to DeKalb!

Dr. Banno

What:  Men’s Health update

Topics include:  Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and low testosterone (low-T)

When: September 18th, 2014

5:30 registration | 6:00 presentation 

Where:  1407 South Fourth St., DeKalb IL

Call: 309 202 3547 or email to reserve your spot

A patient advocate will be present to discuss his personal story and how finding a solution to his men’s health issues changed his life.

Please RSVP to reserve your spot!

Meet Molly!

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Hello new and expecting mommies! My name is Molly Lamansky and I am happy to announce that I am your new Certified Lactation Specialist! I am currently studying communicative disorders with an emphasis in speech language pathology at Northern Illinois University. I have one more year of my undergraduate degree and then I’ll jump right in to my master’s once I graduate in May 2015.

Initially my passion was to one-day work with the pediatric population with infants who have swallowing difficulties and to help correct any issues that might arise. When I started working in the Mommy and Baby department last year I realized that I have a new passion.  I want to not only help infants with swallowing disorders, but also to help both babies and moms with breast-feeding any way I can.

Walking into the conference room at the hotel where the Certified Lactation Specialist course was held was a little intimidating! I was one of 29 women there for the class, the youngest, and the only one who wasn’t established in my set career. So there was a little bit of a learning curve. But I tried not to be too nervous and just soak in all the amazing knowledge that was given to me. It was one of, if not the best class I have ever taken! I learned SO much in those five short days and I am so grateful not only the to Lehan family but also a close friend at the store who helped me be able to attend; also to my own family for helping me study and keeping me going. It was such a wonderful learning experience and I am so glad I was able to do it!

I am excited to be here at Lehan Drugs showing new moms how to use their pumps, answer questions, and be there to support day or night (with a new baby parents might be up a little late!) Thank you for the opportunity to be able to work with all you new mommies and I can’t wait to meet you!

Hygeia LBI Breast Pump Giveaway!

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Hygeia LBI Breast Pump


We have teamed up with Rachel’s Giveaways to giveaway a Hygeia LBI Breast Pump! Visit her link to sign up: 




Breast Pump Insurance Guide

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Looking to get a breast pump covered by your insurance? Let us help!


Congratulations on your pregnancy or the birth of your child! You most likely have the adorable outfits washed and put away, the crib ready to go, and are basking in the feeling that very soon you will get to hold your baby boy or girl. One question you might be asking yourself, though, if you are planning on breastfeeding, is should I get a breast pump? At Lehan’s we are happy to help mothers find a breast pump that fits their lifestyle and unique needs!  In addition, did you know that many insurance companies are now helping to cover at least a portion of the cost of a breast pump?

While having a baby is an enjoyable experience, getting a breast pump through your insurance company might be a little more of a headache. To help ease that burden, at Lehan’s we have come up with some helpful tips to try and make the process as painless as possible (or as painless as dealing with an insurance company can be!).

Allowable Amount

If you call your insurance company, they might mention that a breast pump is covered at 80-100% of an ‘allowable amount’. You may think, “Wow! 80% of the cost for my pump, that’s fantastic!” but your insurance may not necessarily be giving you all the facts. An allowable amount is a set dollar amount that your insurance company covers for a specific item. So while they say they cover 80-100% of an allowable amount, in reality that may translate to about $60-125 dollars towards a pump. Another good thing to know about an allowable amount is that it only covers the breast pump itself, not accessories that can be purchased separately.


In addition, you may have to deal with that dreaded thing called a deductible.  You may know what your deductible is, but if not, a deductible is a set annual amount of healthcare costs that you are required to pay before insurance will consider payment for your breast pump. Though this may not be the case for everyone, it is a good idea to ask your insurance company about your deductible or have us ask for you. We are here to help!

Prior Authorization

Finally, some insurance companies may also require a prior authorization in order to pay for a breast pump. A prior authorization is a program that requires specific conditions be met before coverage is granted for the member. If your insurance requires a prior authorization, don’t worry, we can help with that as well. Typically it’s just a quick fax between the doctor’s office and insurance company.

Lehan’s Can Help!

So how can we help? At Lehan’s we will help in any way we can to make your breast pump purchase as hassle-free as possible. We can contact your insurance company on your behalf and determine your coverage level as well as any specific insurance requirements. To help, we will need the following:

1)    Your name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address

2)    Insurance ID and group number

3)    A prescription from your doctor that says ‘Double Electric Breast Pump’.

4)    Due Date! Insurance companies won’t cover breast pumps until the baby is born!

You can fill out the Breast Pump Insurance Form here: BREAST PUMP FORM

Products We Carry

So now that you know how to determine insurance coverage for a breast pump, you may be wondering which pumps are available at Lehan’s. We carry both Ameda and Hygeia breast pumps. Our in-stock Ameda models include The Purely Yours and the Purely Yours Ultra. These pumps contain an Ameda HygieniKit, which includes a patented diaphragm that prevents moisture & milk from entering pump tubing, includes an AC Power Adapter or runs on 6 AA batteries, and Custom Control settings which are separate suction and speed dials to help you find the settings that work best. The Ultra pump contains a few extra accessories including different sized flanges, a cooler with 6 bottles, and more.

Our Hygeia models that we carry are the EPS, EXT, and LBI. Each Pump includes: tubing, flanges, 2 bottles and caps, bottle inserts for smaller bottles, 1 replacement filter, an external electric power supply, independently adjustable speed and suction, and some type of battery option depending on the model. The EXT has an external battery pack that runs on AA batteries, and the LBI has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that holds a charge for up to four hours.  You also have the option of a cute and functional tote for your Hygeia pump.

If you are interested in one of these breast pumps and would like more information, or have questions on insurance coverage, please contact us and Michelle, our certified lactation specialist, will be happy to answer any questions. Our phone number is: (815) 758-0911 and our email is:

Congratulations and we can’t wait to help!

You can also fill out our Breast Pump Insurance

Form HERE!


Mom and Happy Baby

Selling Your Healthcare to the Lowest Bidder

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Are you a Medicare beneficiary?  If so, your healthcare has been sold to the lowest bidder, and we need your help to stop it!

Starting on July 1st, in DeKalb County and other areas around the country, certain durable medical equipment (oxygen, wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers etc.) will only be provided by companies who won bids for those items through an auction process held by Medicare.

So, what’s the big deal?  Everybody should be in favor of decreasing Medicare health care costs, right?

Under this auction program, however, Medicare made some huge mistakes that will affect your access to quality medical equipment and service.  The ONLY criteria used to pick the bid ‘winners’ in this program was who provided the lowest bid prices.  The bidders did not have to show that they are capable of setting up or servicing the items that they say they can provide, nor do they have to have a physical location in the area.  Many of the bid ‘winners’ that are supposed to service DeKalb County, in fact, aren’t even located in the state of Illinois!  How are these out-of-state providers supposed to provide medical equipment to residents of DeKalb County?  Local providers like Lehan’s were not awarded bids, but these out-of-state providers were.

Average Provider Distance from 60115 ZIP Code for Bid Winners:

Oxygen: 480 miles away (43% of providers located out of state)

Hospital Beds: 523 miles away (69% located out of state)

Wheelchairs: 570 miles away (57% located out of state)

Walkers: 381 miles away (39% of located out of state)

In addition, over 200 economists and auction experts have said that this auction was poorly designed and would lead to huge problems, but the government refused to change the design, and we are left with the results.  So, what can you do to help?

Please call your members of Congress and complain about this ‘competitive bidding’ process for durable medical equipment.

Rep Adam Kinzinger : (202) 225-3635

Rep Randy Hultgren: (202) 225-2976

You can also call 1-800-Medicare to complain about the program and how it will hurt access to medical equipment for Medicare beneficiaries!

Information on the competitive bidding program:



Daily Chronicle Article

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This article ran in the DeKalb Daily Chronicle on Saturday, February 6th.  Hope you can take a look!

Lehan family mixes up a recipe for healthcare…

Once a staple of every corner drugstore, pharmacy compounding is once again gaining popularity in the healthcare world. When Jim and Emory Lehan opened their drugstore in downtown DeKalb in 1946, compounding was considered an essential skill. “In the early days of the pharmacy, almost all of our drugs were compounded,” says Jim Lehan, whose father, Jim Sr. opened that first location. For Tim Lehan, current owner of Lehan Drugs, the return of interest in compounding comes as no surprise.

“Simply put, prescription compounding is when a pharmacist is able to work with a patient’s physician to provide customized medication solutions to ensure the patient is getting the best possible care he or she needs. Rather than using a one-size fits all medication, the compounding pharmacist has the potential to help so many people by working with patients’ physicians to customize a medication to the patients’ specific needs. We see many patients with a wide array of needs benefit from compounding; children with autism, hormone therapy for women, veterinarian compounding, chronic pain patients, dental problems such as canker sores and the list just continues. We really felt the need in our community for a strong voice advocating great medication solutions for patients.”

Tim Lehan had been looking into compounding for a long time. However, it was never something he and his wife Ann, also a pharmacist, had time to work into their very busy practice. In 2008, their son, Dr. Jon Lehan came to work at the pharmacy after earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Iowa and a 3 ½ year stint in the Air Force. With Jon back, Tim and Ann felt it was time to reevaluate, and decided to send Jon to complete an advanced training course in compounding. The family, however, was in for a little surprise.

“Grandpa Jim heard us talking about it, and asked if he could get trained as well”, Tim noted. “Considering his experience over the years as a pharmacist, we really thought this was a perfect fit.”

“I only really retired because my hearing had been deteriorating. I still loved that part of pharmacy.” Jim noted. “In the early days of the pharmacy, almost all of our drugs were compounded. There weren’t so many products available in tablet form. We even made something called artificial earwax.”

In July, Jim and Jon traveled to Houston to the Professional Compounding Centers of America to complete the hands-on training. PCCA is the country’s leading organization supporting the art of compounding in the country. PCCA was surprised to have their first-ever grandfather-grandson tandem as students since its inception in the early 1980s.

Jon said the folks at PCCA were quite impressed. “This was very intense training, and Grandpa really hung in there. He was making a lot of these younger pharmacists just stand there scratching their heads that this 82 year old guy could put in 5 hours of lecture and 5 hours of hands on compounding practice a day. He is just so amazing. PCCA even featured him in their monthly newsletter, going to to a few thousand compounding pharmacies internationally.”

“I just think it’s great how we’re really returning to the roots of pharmacy.” Jon said.  “Pharmacies were centerpieces of communities, where the pharmacists knew their patients. I think so often medication is treated like a commodity, like a gallon of milk or pair of socks. Compounding is a great way to connect with patients. The compounding pharmacist helps to evaluate what they need from their medication and works with the physician to ensure the best treatment .”

“Today we are able to ensure the products we make are of highest quality, with great technology and equipment, and we have ability to test what we do for potency and stability.”

“What my grandpa really helped instill in us was a commitment to our patients as members of our community. Every patient is unique, and being able to spend time with our patients, and customize their medicines when necessary truly allows us to affect patients’ health and achieve positive health solutions.”

“We want to be there for our community and our area’s physicians. I feel like we know our patients so well, almost like they are part of our family. The better we know people the more we can help by providing custom medication solutions.”

Jim also points out that compounding can be, well…fun.

“I really enjoyed making different flavored animal treats that are used to mask flavors of medications for pets. I also enjoyed learning to make medicated lollipops. I decided to combine the two, and make a fish-flavored lollipop.” Jon had a good laugh from that. “We had to trade our lollipops with other students. I feel bad for the one who got Grandpa’s fish-pop.” Grandpa Jim is now back in the business. “I’m really proud how our family business has been able to continue to evolve, providing care to the community through the pharmacy, immunizations, home medical equipment, and compounding. They’re really at forefront of community pharmacy in Illinois.”

And the rest of the family is very proud of Grandpa.

Hall of Fame Induction!

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The founders of Lehan Drugs, brothers Jim Lehan, Sr. and Emory Lehan are both set to be inducted as inaugural members of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame.  As the great grandson of James and the great-great nephew of Emory, it is amazing to hear the stories and see the pictures of the business they created in Lehan Drugs more than 60 years ago (  They laid the foundation for what Lehan Drugs has been able to accomplish over that time and all of us here are honored to see them inducted.

Jim Sr. served the DeKalb Community for over 30 years and throughout his professional life, he was always very active in helping to promote the downtown DeKalb area.  Under his leadership, during the 1950’s and 60’s Lehan Drugs was the meeting place of the community with daily customer counts over 1000 people. With a food counter and soda fountain, Lehan Drugs was one of the most popular eating destinations in DeKalb, not to mention a busy pharmacy. His customers loved him and his commitment to customer service is still our trademark today.

Emory also served the DeKalb Community for the majority of his adult life.  After serving his country in the United States Army he joined his brother in opening Lehan Drugs in downtown DeKalb. Emory was a consummate businessman and entrepreneur and was extremely active in the running of Lehan Drugs. He could often be found in the store office going over figures and handing out notes to employees for projects he wanted accomplished. Emory was also instrumental in opening Kampus Korner on the campus of NIU, a state of the art 2 floor business that catered to the NIU students. He was also on the Chamber of Commerce Board of directors and served as its president.

Although they are no longer with us, we hope that both of them would be proud of the business that we run today.


Lehan Drugs has been named a finalist for Business of the Year!

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We are pleased to announce that Lehan Drugs has been named a finalist for the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award!  This is truly an honor and all of us here are humbled by the recognition.  A big thank you goes out to all of our patients – you all make an award like this possible! 

The winner of the 2009 Business of the Year will be announced at the Annual Celebration Dinner held on Thursday, February 4th, 2010 at the Egyptian Theatre. The event will begin at 5pm with a Cocktail/Social hour, followed by dinner at 6pm, and the evening’s program will start at approximately 7pm.

The other nominees are:


Best Buy

North Central Cyclery 


Again, we are honored by this recognition and look forward to continuing to serve our community and patients each and every day!

Lehan Wins National Award

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Timothy Lehan Holding the 2009 Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award

Timothy Lehan Holding the 2009 Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award

Timothy Lehan of Lehan Drugs Inc. in DeKalb was the recipient of the 2009 Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award, a national award that honors a practicing pharmacist who has developed an innovative patient care program.
One award is presented per state by the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations. The award was presented recently at the Illinois Pharmacists Annual Conference in Peoria. Lehan is a 1976 graduate of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy and was recently elected to the Illinois Pharmacists Association Board of Directors.

As this year’s award recipient, Lehan has developed and implemented an innovative patient care program in his pharmacy. Besides providing a very extensive durable medical supply service, he has a progressive immunization program. Immunization services in pharmacy are emerging and the public is becoming more aware of the value and extraordinary contributions pharmacists provide to improving the vaccination rates of their communities. As the No. 1 immunizer in DeKalb County, Lehan is a pioneer in this area of his profession, according to a news release.

In partnership with his wife, Ann, also a pharmacist, Lehan established an immunization program in his pharmacy in 2000 and administered less than 100 immunizations that year. This year, the program has expanded to five immunizing pharmacists and he hopes to immunize around 3,000 patients.

Lehan also assists other Illinois pharmacists with their immunization management and billing questions. Lehan’s mission is “to deliver the highest quality pharmaceutical care possible on a very personal and individualized basis,” according to the release. As this year’s Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award recipient, Lehan has demonstrated both the entrepreneurial and patient focused aspects that should be exemplified in the innovative pharmacy practice award.