How we got Grandpa out of retirement….

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Jon and Grandpa Compounding

Jon and Grandpa Compounding in Houston

Back in July, my grandpa Jim and I went to a compounding training course for a week in Houston, Texas at PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). We received intensive training in a variety of compounding techniques. PCCA is the country’s premier pharmacy compounding organization. They provide training, equipment, chemicals, and expertise to make sure their members are able to compound effectively for their patients. On top of that, we invested in some brand new, state of the art equipment and ongoing education.

But first off…what is compounding? The basic idea of compounding, or customized medication, is that medication is not “one size fits all.” You probably think of pharmacy, for the most part, as a pill counting and prescription dispensing process. Compounders realize that there are good reasons why commercially available products from large drug manufacturers aren’t always ideal for for every patient situation. So, we are able to customize the medication…whether it’s the strength, delivery method, dosage form, flavor, inert ingredients (to avoid allergens), and much more. We problem solve, and refuse to give up on the “tricky” cases.
Compounding fits into our business philosophy, where we try and focus more on our patients and less on our products. As part of PCCA’s team now, we are in a position to listen to the needs of our patients, and provide physicians with treatment options when patients have unmet needs with their medication therapy.
Grandpa Jim is 82 years old now, and compounding has actually managed to bring him out of retirement after 17 years. Pretty impressive for an “old guy,” especially when you see the complicated equipment he runs in our lab.
Back when he started working as a pharmacist in the 1950s with his father Jim, and Uncle Emory, the pharmacists were compounding a lot more than nowadays. There were fewer types of medication, a lot less “pills”, and a lot more hands-on dispensing. Grandpa Jim will be the first one to tell you that now it’s a whole different ballgame with the equipment, technique, improved safety, and overall knowledge.
At PCCA’s training down in Texas, Gramps was Mr Popular. PCCA’s staff and other pharmacists and technicians were so impressed with him, and had a lot of questions about how it was in the OLD DAYS.  He was still able to channel that old-time pharmacy mojo, and they ended up putting us in their monthly newsletter as their only Grandson/Grandfather combo ever to simultaneously attend the training.  Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of him.
If you talk to him about compounding, you’ll see how excited he is to be able to get back in the lab and get “hands on” like when he started.  More importantly, he’s excited to be able to make  a positive difference in our patients’ lives.
And he makes a mean medicated throat-numbing lollipop.
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  1. Lauren Says:

    That was such a sweet article. Stacey and I loved reading it. The picture is cute and the story was touching. We are so happy for you and your Grandpa 🙂