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We are having a sale on Rx Skin Therapy through the end of the month – buy 1 Rx Skin Therapy product and receive 1 at 50% off!  Come in today and check out these great products and for a FREE skin analysis!

With highly efficacious formulations that repair, replenish and revitalize, RX Skin Therapy is the ultimate skin rejuvenation system. Whether skin is dry, dull, oily, acne-prone or aging, RX Skin Therapy has a unique therapy designed with your individual skin type in mind.  All products are coded to your skin type!

Normal Skin Treatment Dry Skin Treatment Dry Skin Treatment Dry Skin Treatment Dry Skin Treatment

Normal Skin

For skin that isn’t oily or dry and is generally smooth, clear and firm.

Oily Skin

For skin that is shiny and/or greasy, may have enlarged pores and is prone to breakouts.

Dry Skin

For skin that lacks natural oils and is characterized by rough, flaky patches of dryness.


For skin that suffers from recurring blackheads, frequent blemishes and large, clogged pores.


For skin that shows signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles and a loss of firmness and elasticity.

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